Wednesday, September 14, 2011


It comes in the most surprising ways, sometimes. There's the obvious answer to prayer; seeing something that makes you happy (in my case it's usually something in nature); time spent with those you love, etc.

Today, I experienced joy in a multitude of ages. Let me explain. I have been testing students at school to determine their reading levels or abilities. I worked with kindergarten, 2nd grade and 6th grade. I had 5 year old's tell me that they couldn't "do it" when talking about the sounds that letters make. Yet when we did rhyming activities, they excelled and I told them they were "rhyming experts". I think that was the best thing they'd heard all day!! Two of my second graders were apprehensive. One little boy was in tears. Yet when we began working, he beamed, saying, "This is a piece of cake for me". No more tears after that!!! One of my sixth graders started at a level 5, and had little difficulty through level 7. By the time he got to level 8, he struggled, but I haven't seen such perseverance in a 12 year old in ages!!! I continued to encourage him and it was such a delight to see his face beaming with pride.

Today these things brought me joy!!