Tuesday, December 8, 2009


...a hardy Minnesotan. Yes, I was born and have been raised in Minnesota. I have lived here ALL of my life, but I repeat...I am NOT a hardy Minnesotan. Just sayin..


  1. Oh I hear ya!!! My husband was born and raised here till he joined the navy at age 18 ... I've lived here most of my life ... but once we were married we moved away (thank you navy life) ... and for some crazy reason (think family) when he was done with 8 years in the Navy we decided to MOVE BACK!!!! On these subzero days I know we must be crazy! Enjoyed reading your blog!

  2. Oh, thank you, Blessedw5mom! Bless your husband for serving this great country of ours!! Family is what keeps me here, as well. Family is so very important, but my selfishness wants to hightail it outta here!! Probably won't though. We can be crazy freezing together!