Tuesday, June 22, 2010

One down (almost 2)

Bathroom is painted. And cleaned. Here are some pictures during the painting process.

And here's the finished product. The color looks much lighter here than it does in person, but I like it!!

Tuesday Production 2

Yesterday, I cleaned off the bookshelf in my son's room. I also touched up his ceiling with paint. I don't know how or why boys put 'stuff' on their ceilings, none of which could be washed off.

When I stopped at Home Depot yesterday morning to get the ceiling paint, I checked the OOPS paint section, as I always do. I figure, for $5 a gallon, if the color is even close to something I'd been considering, I'll snap it up. I'd been looking for a sort of spa-greenish color for the bathroom, and there on the OOPS shelf at H.D. was a color very close to it.

I was so excited when I got home, that once I finished the ceiling touch up, I got right into the bathroom and started painting. It's much darker than what I wanted, but it kind of has a vintage-y feel to it. Close to an avocado green. I like it enough - and for $5!!! When you use less than a half gallon of paint, it doesn't pay to spend $25 for a gallon. My philosophy.

I have to state here, though, that I can't stand Behr paint. The paint that I got yesterday, is Behr, but I can't stand to paint with it. It's like painting with pudding, YUCK! Oh, well, again only $5. So this morning, I'll be finishing the bathroom paint project, along with the loads of laundry, in between.

Checking projects off the list. So happy :)

Blessings to you!

Monday, June 21, 2010

It's Time ...

Once again, it's time to be productive. I have to finish the boy's room before starting another project. And I really want to move on! Today - dusting, and possibly painting his ceiling. There's also laundry to be done in the meantime, in between time, too!! Nothing else to do on this rainy, first day of summer.

Be blessed!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday Production

Ok, well, I've pretty much put the boy's room back together. I have cleaning and dusting of surfaces to do, putting dvds and videos in their cases, and need to go through some clothes. But today -- today was a steamy date with the doctor -- the Rug Doctor! I cleaned the boy's bedroom carpeting, part of the hallway, the entry way and the area just outside of the kitchen going into the dining room. The rest of the carpeting is in good shape, just a few spots here and there.

I'm spent and tomorrow I am taking a break from his room. Back at it on Thursday, I guess.

Oh, yeah, AND I think I've found all of my missing dishes and silverware :)

Love and blessings!

Monday, June 14, 2010

First Up - Productive Monday

Started the day with my son needing a ride to his first day of summer school. I was irritated to have to take him. BUT, on my way home, I was driving through a neighborhood and lo and behold, sitting on the boulevard were 6 plastic outdoor chairs for FREE! I took 3, just enough for my small deck. I was planning to buy some anyways, but now I don't have to. If I should find a cute little table, it would be great to sit on the deck to eat dinner with my kids.

When I returned home, I started the task of cleaning my teenage son's room. Let me tell you, this has been no small feat. This undertaking necessitated a few breaks, or I would be seeing the undertaker!!! 10 hours later -- and I'm not done -- I made a huge dent. Tomorrow I should be finished enough to use the Rug Doctor and finish the job. I'm going to predict another 5 hours, not including the carpet cleaning.

Now, in the midst of all of this, I had to take time out to take our precious pet bunny to the vet. She decided yesterday that she wasn't going to eat, drink or poop. $300 later, we learned that she has GI Stasis, which is a stomach blockage. Who knows what may be the cause, but it could be a hairball. So now, I'm medicating, feeding, watering, nursing her every four hours to be sure she's getting nutrition to move that stuff through! She did eat about a cup of mixed greens tonight. And that's a good thing :)

Blessings to you!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


I have been off of work now since June 2nd. During this time, I have been fighting a sinus infection, for which I have been given my 2nd round of antibiotics. My body is completely exhausted. My friend said I'm 'decompressing'. I suppose that's a good way to look at it. During the school year, I run myself into the ground, so to speak. But now I can't drum up any energy. I awake in the morning, and lay around drinking coffee, reading stuff on my laptop, etc. I cannot seem to get motivated to be productive.

This morning, I am sitting at a community center, administering GED testing - my 2nd paid job. Getting up this morning was difficult, but I can't believe how good I feel. It's amazing that being productive .... giving me a job to do, makes me feel alive. I guess this is my incentive to get something done each day at home. I'm going to use these upcoming rainy days to work on some projects around my apartment. I'll post my progress, and may include photos. Ha! That would be a really brave move on my part.

Love you - be Blessed on This Day!!