Saturday, June 12, 2010


I have been off of work now since June 2nd. During this time, I have been fighting a sinus infection, for which I have been given my 2nd round of antibiotics. My body is completely exhausted. My friend said I'm 'decompressing'. I suppose that's a good way to look at it. During the school year, I run myself into the ground, so to speak. But now I can't drum up any energy. I awake in the morning, and lay around drinking coffee, reading stuff on my laptop, etc. I cannot seem to get motivated to be productive.

This morning, I am sitting at a community center, administering GED testing - my 2nd paid job. Getting up this morning was difficult, but I can't believe how good I feel. It's amazing that being productive .... giving me a job to do, makes me feel alive. I guess this is my incentive to get something done each day at home. I'm going to use these upcoming rainy days to work on some projects around my apartment. I'll post my progress, and may include photos. Ha! That would be a really brave move on my part.

Love you - be Blessed on This Day!!

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