Monday, May 3, 2010


This morning, college campuses across the Twin Ports area (Duluth and Superior) marched in an effort to end racism. Here's an excerpt from one report of the marches.

"What an amazing event this morning! Kym Young, with little time to plan, you organized this to be a special, meaningful, and heartfelt gathering in support of ending racism in our universities in the Twin Ports. THANK YOU for doing this! Thanks to all those who helped in organizing this. As the buttons read “No room in my heart for prejudice!”

Below is Kym’s speech that she gave at the event:

This morning on several of our university and High school campuses across the twin ports, people of all races, nationalities, religions and creeds are gathering or marching in response to an act of racism. We here have come together to say enough. We are standing up for a new day and a new way of thinking. We are here today to say NO we will not tolerate or accept racism, racist remarks or attitudes in our UWS home.

As a mother, grandmother, student, and woman of the 21st Century I encourage you to teach your children the value of humanity. In this great nation of ours where men and women throughout the years have fought and died in the name of freedom, we must teach our children the value of diversity. When as a people we can all come together like this to say no more, we are teaching the world's children the value of solidarity. These lessons though painful to those victims of racism and its effects are invaluable to the future generations of leaders we are raising.

I stand here today because someone stood up to end racist policies that would have kept me from gaining a better education. I stand here today because those before me struggled through racism and discrimination to attain the American Dream. I stand here to day to say ENOUGH!

Racism cannot be allowed to flourish its head on our campuses. Rascism cannot be allowed to interfere with the educational process. Racism cannot be allowed to tear down all that we have achieved for ourselves, for our families, and for our humanity. It cannot be allowed to destroy the future. Racism ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

As I take the hand of the person next to me today I vow to always stand up for what is right, ethical and will promote our humanity. I stand here today to proclaim ENOUGH! There is no room in my heart for racism.
Location: Outside of Jim Dan Hill Library - UWS"

I say, MARCH ON!!

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