Sunday, February 10, 2013

It started with horses

This was my view today ... the woods behind my home and a perfect deer run.

I've been interested in purchasing a pair of snowshoes for awhile now.  It just so happened that I have some friends who had some that they haven't used for a long time.  They were gracious to loan them to me, so I could decide whether I wanted to invest in a pair for myself.

Today, after receiving an additional several inches of snow, I decided to try them out.  I didn't go far - just along the perimeter of the woods behind my home.  But let me telllll youuuu IT WAS A GREAT WORKOUT!!! 

Over the years, I had come to dislike winter.  Here in Minnesota, that's not really an option.  Well, I guess you could continue to dislike winter, but you end up inside for many, many months.  As I've grown wiser (haha) I've learned to enjoy being outdoors, no matter what the season.  I admit that I do hunker down when the temps are below 10 degrees, though.  I'm not a downhill skier, and have yet to try cross country.  So snowshoeing was my way to get out. 

It all started with horses ... my desire to be outside in all kinds of weather.  It's a blessing :) 

What's yours?

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